Welcome to The Colonial Wine Bar Blog!

Indeed, you’ve reached the right place.  Here at The Colonial Wine Bar Blog, we drink wine, wear colonial garb, and discuss whatever lands on the table.  Often, we discuss different industries (we like website design companies, trendy clothing stores, and anyone who is helping others decide to be better), learning about local businesses, products and services that entice us.  We are particularly fond of any business that takes care of their employees The Colonial Wine Bar Blogas well as their clients.

At this blog, we are excited to simply share our thoughts with our audience.  Our mission? To entertain and inform.  Could there be a more valiant quest? We think not.  It is important to us that we take time out of our everyday lives to share thoughts here for others to see.  The sharing of information, the power of learning, the love of reading…these are the things that drive us to create.  By sharing our thoughts, we are able to get feedback and discover more about our own journeys.

What is it that drives people to share? It is certainly compelling that we have an insatiable urge to communicate with one another, and to delve into the purpose and reasoning behind that communication is one of the more fascinating quests with which we can engage ourselves.  Whether it is art, music or simply a word, sharing with one another is the best way we can learn more about ourselves. At The Colonial Wine Bar Blog, we are all about sharing that which inspires us, albeit we are usually drinking wine in outfits from the Colonial era while we do so.

Most of all, we want to share our appreciation for the businesses, products and services that we believe in.  That means businesses that treat their employees and customers properly, products that fulfill basic needs, and services that are indispensable to anyone for any reason.  We want to make sure every awesome thing we find can be shared easily and quickly, and this blog appears to be the best way to start doing that.  By reading and offering your feedback, we can make sure that we are sharing information that is useful to you.

Interpersonal communication, knowledge gathering, and simple conversation are part of the ‘meat’ of life.  They give us context, concepts, ideas and ideologies that we use to mold and shape our own personalities into something we are happy to be.  If you are not working to uncover your most authentic self, let us help you.  We want to provide you with the information and tools you can use to improve yourself, and the lives of those around you.

The businesses, products and services we talk about here at The Colonial Wine Bar Blog are meant to be the type that would encourage you to seek out your most authentic self and put it out there for the rest of the world to experience.  We know that being yourself is the best thing you can be.  At The Colonial Wine Bar Blog, you can be just that.  Read some articles. Drink a glass of Sirah. Wear a tricorne hat. It doesn’t have to be on a television to be legitimate or credible.  In fact, most of the things we see on TV couldn’t be further from the truth, further from reality.

The Colonial Wine Bar Blog seeks to empower those who read it with a desire to seek out that which they determine to be authentic to themselves.  We aren’t here to be a cookie-cutter blog full of random news clippings and buzzwords. The intention is to improve. Always deciding to be better is the best thing we can do for ourselves.  By deciding to be better each day, we keep ourselves accountable.  What can you do to “be better” today for yourself? It’s a question many people could ask themselves, but we all would get different answers.

If you’re here at The Colonial Wine Bar Blog, we know you are deciding to be better, because that is what our intention for you and for ourselves is.  Thank you for coming to The Colonial Wine Bar Blog, where you can always be your most authentic self, and where you can always find something to help you decide to be better.  We hope to provide you with a reading experience that keeps you thirsting for what is next.  The news and information we share is meant to benefit anyone who finds themselves browsing our website.